What is the cooking temperature for pork shoulder

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  • April 12, 2014


Dave O. April 14, 2014
Huh, and thats why I use this site. Looks like I'll be making porchetta in the very near future. I had no idea it was that easy.
pierino April 14, 2014
Dave, I wish it were easy but it took me a long time to figure out as I don't usually have half a pig spitted out there. In the Italian original (from Umbria) they just slice off a big hunk of pig with skin and slap it on a roll. Pork loin doesn't work for this. But messing around with shoulder finally got me to the grail. Fennel is an essential seasoning but apart from salt not much more than that.
luvcookbooks April 14, 2014
If the skin is not crisp at the end and you would like to serve it, you can pull it off and bake at high heat (400-450) or even broil briefly until it crisps. If you are making pernil, serving skin with the meat is important (imho). :))
pierino April 14, 2014
I agree. There's more to pork shoulder or "butt" than just pulled pork. I use it for porchetta myself.
Dave O. April 13, 2014
If you bought a Boston butt or picnic, then shoot for 190 or when the bone pulls easily from the meat. As stated earlier, this means the connective tissue is nice and melted creating a pile if delicious and moist pulled pork. I usually cook between 2225 and 250 for an hour per lb, but if your in a hurry, you can bump it up to 350. Remember, shoulders are not the best piece of meat, until you slow cook it and turn it into delicious BBQ. Kind of a frog/prince kind of thing.
pierino April 13, 2014
If you are carving and serving a whole shoulder I would shoot for an internal temp of 145F as measured by an instant read. It will need to rest for 10 to 15 minutes after you pull it out of the oven.
nashama April 13, 2014
Depends what your goal is for an end product. I usually am making pulled pork, in which case internal temp should come to between 180-190. That's when the connective tissue breaks down and the meat falls apart. Note: the meat will stalk at 160,165 for a while before it jumps up to where you want it.
What are you making?
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