Using potassium citrate in cooking

I would like to use potassium citrate in a creamy spinach dip to make it creamier. How much do I use if I am going to use about a cup of sour cream and a cup of cream cheese?

Chef Sasha


Chef S. April 16, 2014
I could still use some help from a human, that recipe is more for turning gruyere style cheeses into velveeta. I am using sour cream and cream cheese, but i'll keep you posted with any experiments I do
Lindsay-Jean H. April 16, 2014
Well...perfect timing for round 2? Please report back if you give it another go!
Chef S. April 16, 2014
Wow, I was about 24 hours too late....check out what's on the modernist cuisine front page this morning:
Chef S. April 16, 2014
I did...but I didn't really know what I was doing. I added two teaspoons to some warm water. and then mixed in the sauce. After it cooled it had a pudding skin and it seemed to have a little bit of a jello texture but it instantly broke after I stirred it once. I would call it a complete failure. But! thanks for asking.
Lindsay-Jean H. April 16, 2014
I'm sorry you haven't received an answer to this yet. Did you go ahead and add it to your dip? How did it turn out?
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