Uses for leftover cream cheese with chives

I have 3 open tubs of cream cheese with chives and I need a way to use them up. No one in my household really likes creamy sauces, so I can't really stir it into gravy. I made twice-baked potatoes but that only used up 2 tablespoons. I would love suggestions!!

  • Posted by: Sweets
  • August 31, 2014


paola September 2, 2014
Add to the cream cheese, flour, egg, lemon zest, salt and pepper and make some nice fritters. Bring the oil to the right temperature and spoon in the mixture (I like to use a teaspoon for mini sized fritters).
Serve with caramelized tomatoes
Ileana M. September 2, 2014
Make a dip for game day? Or spread it on some puff pastry. Add herbs and maybe some grapes or plums or stick to savory with onions, garlic, and mushrooms.
AntoniaJames September 2, 2014
Also, use some in this marvelous recipe: (I don't usually have cream cheese on hand, so I use feta instead, though I did try the recipe initially because I had extra cream cheese, and it was delicious. I often use spinach instead of kale. It's a flexible recipe.) ;o)
AntoniaJames September 2, 2014
Add and mix well into it room-temperature butter and mashed anchovies; dust with paprika; invite friends; serve with plain crackers or on crostini. If you add caraway seeds, you'll have made something approximating Liptauer, a spread enjoyed in most areas of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire and points east. ;o)
lem M. September 3, 2014
Oh yes, how exciting that Liptauer is known out in the world, too. In the versions I am familiar with, however, there is a lot more than just a dusting of paprika – but of course this is entirely up to personal taste :)
Sweets September 2, 2014
These are all really great suggestions! Thank you. I am almost tempted to go buy more cream cheese just to try these!!
HalfPint September 2, 2014
I usually add some cream cheese to my eggs. Like to scrambled eggs, inside omelets, or in egg casseroles.
Marian B. September 2, 2014
Oh I bet you could add this to a quickbread! Try mixing some with milk (to thin it a bit) and using it in place of yogurt here? (I have never tried this, so apologies if it's weird.) I could also see it being great in cornbread etc.
caninechef September 2, 2014
This is what came to my mind. I made chive/cheddar quick bread from a Dorie Greenspan recipe and I bet the cream cheese would work just fine.

Also it would not use a lot but the Quinoa/Kale crustless quiche is great and uses creamcheese and I'm sure this would go well in that.
lem M. September 1, 2014
spread it on super thin pizza dough, add some thinly sliced onions and bacon lardons, plenty black pepper, plus possibly more cheese like gruyère or comté, and bake in a very hot oven until bubbly and crispy. voilà, it’s Flammkuchen / tarte flambée from the Alsace and I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like it. especially with some young white wine (or, traditionally, Federweisser).
ATG117 September 1, 2014
I would also suggest using it on bagels. But you could also try making a green goddess dressing with it and using it in place of the scallions and sour cream that is usually called for in the recipe.
jamcook August 31, 2014
Buy more Bagels!
Nancy August 31, 2014
Normally cream cheese doesn't freeze well (tastes ok, but texture changes). But if you use it in a casserole or baked dish, the dish both freezes well and tastes good when eaten after defrosting/reheating. There are many dishes you could make, but try a savory lokshen kugel (noodle pudding), subbing the cream cheese part of the dairy ingredients (usually sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese and/or ricotta). See one example here
Brady K. August 31, 2014
Anytime I have cream cheese around I make bagels - they are extremely easy and quick, and trust can go through 3 tubs of cream cheese very quickly with some homemade bagels!
micook August 31, 2014
How about adding feta to it and spreading it on baguette slices, then topping with marinated tomatoes. Ina Garten has a recipe that's on line that is really good. Of course, you have to invite friends over to share! But the cheese mixture will keep at least a week.
Susan W. August 31, 2014
I sometimes like roast beef or turkey roll ups with cream cheese and butter lettuce for snacks or lunch. The addition of chives sounds good.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 31, 2014
I would use the cream cheese and chives into dumplings, bake or fry & freeze. Also, try combining the two with mayo/sour cream for dip.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 31, 2014
Savory cheesecakes would be delicious as well.
plainhomecook August 31, 2014
Add in some smoked salmon and stuff omelets with it? Still won't use that much, though...
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