what do I get my chef for her birthday?!

The head chef I work under is turning 30 soon and I would love to get her a great birthday present! She's also a friend, not trying to suck up or anything, but given she is my boss I do want it to be a little professional and non-extravagent in any way. I have no clue!? Any ideas? She loves pigs,butchery, beer, and coffee. We work at a farm to table sustainable restaurant, she owns like every cookbook under the sun, and has two dogs. Help?

Sarah Daniels


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If she's a full-blown chef working all hours, I think you should buy her something non-related to her craft. Something like movie/theatre tickets to something related or not. It would probably be a relaxing break for her and whoever she is related to. Just a thought.
Brain H. April 28, 2014
A small collection of Weck jars. Fill them with food gifts if you want to, or let her look forward to doing it!
maimai50 April 28, 2014
Gift card to Williams-Sonoma or Sur la table
JaneEYB April 28, 2014
A subscription to Eat Your Books - and set up her Bookshelf for her (if you have access to her collection). Or offer to do it, after you give her the gift certificate. Imagine how happy she will be when she can search through all her cookbooks for recipes in seconds.
kimhw April 27, 2014
Buy some beautiful jars and fill with homemade hot sauces, marinades and other such sauces.
meganotoole April 27, 2014
You could search etsy-type in some of her favs you mentioned to us and see what cool stuff pops up (think an artistic print of butchery, vintage glassware, handmade bowls)

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boulangere April 27, 2014
How about making her some home-made dog biscuits?
Meaghan F. April 27, 2014
Love it!! Or take inspiration from all those cookie/cake/brownie-in-a-jar DIY projects and create a dog biscuit-making kit if you don't have time to bake them yourself.
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