Birthday cakes to pair well with beer

I'm hosting a birthday gathering at a local brewery tomorrow for my friend & I'm trying to think what sort of cake will go best with a lot of strong (mostly hoppy) California beers. Any suggestions? I'll take inspiration from anywhere! I'd like it to have some durability since I'll be toting it around.

  • Posted by: enbe
  • January 17, 2017


Nancy January 23, 2017
Hope the birthday celebration went well!
1) what cakes/desserts did you serve,
2) would you recommend them again
3) with which beers?
Always willing to do taste tests with more info ;)...
PieceOfLayerCake January 18, 2017
Ovenly Bakery has a stout cake that will BLOW YOU AWAY....they use it in their blackout cake, but I've used it with so many things. It's dense enough that you can bake it as a sheet cake and really do anything with it. I've slathered it with Irish cream buttercream, bourbon caramel, cream cheese frosting, earl grey-milk chocolate ganache, etc.
My F. January 18, 2017
Appologies if this is too late, but: There's a simple Nigella Lawson Almond Clementine Cake that I love. It is citrus-y but neither sweet or sour so I think it would go with a lot of beers, and it is rich (from almond meal and eggs) without the heavy mouthfeel of butter/oil so if there is a beer it isnt great with water in between bites/drinks should be sufficient not to interfere with the beer (which sounds like the star). Add a tablespoon or two of chopped fresh rosemary to add an extra pine-y note to play with the hops if you can!
sydney January 17, 2017
A banana bread could pair well, depending on the notes in the beer.
John J. January 17, 2017
Box cake mix in a Bundt pan, sub red wine for water. Glaze with a brandy/powdered sugar slurry. Beer with a shot chaser.
amysarah January 17, 2017
Nigella Lawson makes a delicious chocolate cake with Guinness, and cream cheese frosting. Should be great with beer.
Nancy January 17, 2017
Creme brulee or a fruit strudel (defining "cake" loosely as a sweet baked dessert) to go with a hoppy beer.
See Observer website (Britush newspaper) March 2015 article for more ideas.
madcow19 January 17, 2017
Flourless choclate cake?
Valhalla January 17, 2017
For a dark beer like a port I love a spice cake, but for hoppy IPAs I'd consider a lemon cake--citrusy/herby.
creamtea January 17, 2017
Gingerbread (with or without chocolate:
also Lori colwin's gingerbread
enbe January 17, 2017
These are great ideas - I first thought gingerbread too - but I fear it's too divisive...although I greatly love gingerbread.
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