Braising Beef

I want to braise some beef...either short ribs or boneless short ribs. When I have tried in the past, the meat ends up very dry. How do you prevent from drying out the meat when you are braising? Any tips?



Bea May 2, 2014
Add a can of coke or Dr pepper to really give it the tenderness and less braising time. Just brown good add the cola to your pan.
Michael R. April 30, 2014
I usually cover my short ribs in braising liquid. Important to let them cool submerged if not serving immediately. Be sure to serve with plentiful sauce as that's where most of the flavor and moisture is in a traditional braise.
Scottielew April 29, 2014
Thank you everyone!!! Awesome tips!!!
aargersi April 28, 2014
Also make sure the pan is tightly covered - I cover partway too, and baste and/or flip. Low and slow is key - if you can give your braise at least 3 hours on 300 you should be meltingly tender. Also key is fat, lean meat is not going to be that lip smacking succulent dish that you are looking for.

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ChefJune April 28, 2014
It's really important to brown the meat first. After you've added the liquid, you need to bring the whole thing to a boil rather quickly. It is even more important that you DON'T let it boil, but reduce the heat so the liquid just gently simmers -- for a long, slow time. Your meat will be meltingly tender if you do that.
pierino April 28, 2014
I agree completely with ChefJune. I neglected to mention the browning step. It really does matter.
Matt W. April 28, 2014
I always put enough liquid until it reaches the top of the meat, but I guess either way works.
pierino April 28, 2014
DO NOT fully submerge the meat! Your braising liquid should come up about half way through the portion. Take your time and allow it to simmer, not boil.
Scottielew April 27, 2014
Thank you!!!
kimhw April 27, 2014
Be sure to brown your meat well. Make sure you have enough broth and I always make sure to flip a few times during cooking.
Matt W. April 27, 2014
You have to submerge it in liquid. It is better if it has the bone in it and have it on a low heat and ever 30 minutes or so I would take a spoon and spoon some of the liquid on top.
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