How much broth should I have left after braising short ribs to put in French Onion Soup?

Long story short, been cooking this for HOURS...I used this recipe . I am at the point of finishing the caramelization of the onions but when I strained the broth I only yielded 2 cups after pouring some into the rib meat bowl. If I have to cook it with the onions I am afraid it will be just onions and no soup! Can I add the leftover 2 cups of beef stock I have in the fridge from the beginning of the recipe? Will that make it not so long cooked tasting? Water will also dull it down right? I must have braised too long....Thanks!!!

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1 Comment

Coral L. April 6, 2020
Hi there! I think adding the leftover stock you have is *totally* fine! Though, in reading the recipe, it looks like you'll need more than just 2 cups of liquid, so I'd supplement the broth you have with some water.
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