What is the best recipe for squid?

Cynthia Rothschild Jaggi


Bevi May 1, 2014
Mark Bittman came up with 12 different recipes in the April 2, 2014 Sunday NYT Magazine. I have made all 3 fried recipes, and they were great. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/04/06/magazine/mag-06Eat-interactive.html?_r=0
Bunnee B. May 1, 2014
I use a tempura batter and deep fry. Still very light and will go with any condiment you choose.
je M. May 1, 2014
I agree with grilling it and all of the advice of the answers above.
My personal take: Give it a little char. Add some lemon, capers, red pepper flakes for a little heat, and finish with smoked paprika and parsley. Delicious.
Pia S. May 1, 2014
I like to slice into rings and simmer it in canned tomatoes (with some onions and garlic sauteed beforehand) with some cooked white beans or chickpeas for about an hour, then top with fresh breadcrumbs toasted in butter with lemon zest and parsley. Simple and rather delicious every time.
mickle May 1, 2014
Grill if whole , brush with Olive oil and add a splash of fresh lemon juice to serve. If cut in rings, sauté in a little oil; add white wine or chicken broth ; finish with seeded chopped tomato: could add shallots or capers when sautéing. Can also stuff with good quality sausage stuffing and bake if whole.
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