This looks fabulous. Unfortunately I am allergic to eggs and dairy. What could I substitute for the mayo?

Euro Kat
Make Your Own Avocado Caesar
Recipe question for: Make Your Own Avocado Caesar


inpatskitchen May 5, 2014
I like both the extra avocado and extra silken tofu as replacements for the mayo. I made a potato salad with the tofu once and just amped up the lemon juice and salt a bit. It was terrific!
nutcakes May 5, 2014
Also, I think silken tofu would work very successfully. I saw a recipe using it once but haven't tried it. You would want to amp up the seasonings since tofu isn't flavored like mayo is with salt, pepper and lemon.
nutcakes May 5, 2014
If you don't know about Vegenaise you will be happy to know that this eggless mayo substitute is an excellent product in it's own right. I was introduced to it by my egg allergic roommate. Recently praised in a Slate article. Find it refrigerated.
ATG117 May 4, 2014
Either with olive oil or avocado or a combination of both. To find out what works best, you might try making the recipe both ways, either by halving it or making it 2 different times.
Trena H. May 4, 2014
Hi Euro Kat! This is another great recipe from inpatskitchen. I've made this recipe by greatly reducing the mayo with wonderful results. In my opinion you could replace the 1/2 cup of mayo with 1/2 mashed avocado. So you're sort of doubling the avocado ingredient. I do this sort of thing all the time with very good results. Good luck to you and enjoy this tasty dressing!
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