vinegar/citrus free salad dressing

My Aunt Judy is on a restricted diet: no vinegar, citrus, tomato in her salad dressing. It's the acid. Anyone have a fabulous recipe? Mayo, sour cream is fine and good. Thanks!



ATG117 July 13, 2014
I like the idea of a green goddess, if she can tolerate buttermilk. If not, I'd suggest a dressing with tahini. Or a peanuty soy dressing, assuming soy is allowed.
PazzoNico July 13, 2014
Caesar is do-able without acid.

Aiolis can also be loosened up with water to be used as a dressing.
Susan W. July 13, 2014
A good herby ranch is a thing of beauty. I love it on a chopped salad which I make once or twice a week for dinner. I don't really measure at this point, but I make it with buttermilk, homemade mayo, a little sour cream or Greek yogurt, Worcestershire, tsp of lemon or champagne vinegar (you can just leave them out), salt, pepper and a combination of herbs from my garden. I like basil, thyme, parsley and chives. Shake up in a mason jar and there you have it. I usually put a few dashes of Cholula or Tobasco, but they contain vinegar. You could use a dash of cayenne instead or leave it out. Sometimes I add a little grainy mustard.
Susan W. July 13, 2014
I forgot to add I always grate fresh garlic or add minced shallot as well.
Matt H. July 13, 2014
You might try a variant on a Green Goddess-type dressing. Most recipes call for a bit of lemon juice, but it tends to be a small amount relative to the overall recipe. Perhaps you could substitute with a little splash of white wine?
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