Is beef round eye or bottom more tender

  • Posted by: MJG
  • May 6, 2014


nutcakes May 8, 2014
Cook's Illustrated or maybe it is America's Test Kitchen (ATK) has a good slow oven method for eye of round roast. You can google and find it.
amysarah May 7, 2014
Bottom round is okay in a long braise or stew. Also, it can be sliced, pounded thin, and rolled around a stuffing for Braciole - long simmering in the sauce will tenderize it. Eye round can be roasted rare for sandwiches, if you slice it very, very thin (otherwise not tender enough, like, e.g. tenderloin.)
mainecook61 May 6, 2014
I think the tough eye of the round is even tougher than the tough bottom round. When we have a cow butchered, we turn these cuts into hamburger. I've made stew from bottom round, but the eye? Forget it.
bigpan May 6, 2014
Yes, as above, both cuts are tough.
You can very quickly sear, then do a long slow low braise; or, cut into thin strips and quickly sear into a stir fry, or beef dip sandwich.
Next time, you want tender, move up to a rib-eye steak.
Greenstuff May 6, 2014
They're both really tough. I'm not sure that a comparison of which is less tough would be that meaningful. Some people think that eye of round looks like tenderloin, but it's a mistake to think it's in any way tender.
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