Paleo Pavlova?

Can I use coconut sugar (or raw honey) to make meringues?? and an alternative to cornstarch (tapioca flour?). I never thought I'd ask this! I want to accommodate a friend (who incidentally has never demanded anything when invited, but I've recently learned about this, please work with me here!). -creamtea



creamtea May 7, 2014
They're in the oven...don't know if I'll be doing this again. I tasted the raw meringue (I know, I know...raw eggs) and I didn't really like it. I don't know if they'll go over with the other guests. Tomorrow, pan of standard brownies....
Marin T. May 7, 2014
You could use arrow root powder in place of cornstarch too. Hope it turns out!
Monita May 7, 2014
You can substitute with coconut sugar but the meringues will be browner in color and have a slightly different taste than traditional meringues. I wouldn't use raw honey. You can also sub the cornstarch with tapioca flour.
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