What do I do? lots of recipes call for using the whip attachment on a stand mixer. My stand mixer is old and doesn't have a whip.

  • Posted by: Gibbie
  • May 12, 2014


Gibbie May 13, 2014
Thank all of you for your responses. I am going to see what Kitchen Aid has to say.
bigpan May 12, 2014
I agree with Halfpint ... I have a number of whisks, and I can do egg whites or heavy cream with my "balloon" whisk and copper bowl faster than a machine.
And yes, my right arm is like Popeye's !
ChefJune May 12, 2014
Is your stand mixer a Kitchenaid? If so, contact them with your model number, and you can probably purchase a whisk for it. Otherwise, there is always arm power. If you go that route, get yourself a balloon whisk (unconnected) with as many wires as possible and an unlined copper bowl. That makes the whipping much easier.

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HalfPint May 12, 2014
You can whisk by hand (yeah, good workout for your arm). Or you can use the beaters of handheld mixer. It may take longer depending on what you are whipping, but the point is to incorporate a lot of air into whatever you are whipping.
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