Can heavy whipped cream survive a 45 minute car ride?

Hi, I need to transport a pie from my house to a friend's and it calls for fresh whipped cream. Unfortunately, I can't whip it there. Will it survive in the car and if so, should I wait to put it onto the pie when I get there or bring the pie all dressed up? I'm using heavy whipping cream if that makes a difference.

  • Posted by: KatyM
  • August 10, 2012


Karissa R. November 22, 2017
To keep your whipped cream cool, what I do is I wet a towel with cold water and rap the container of whipped cream with the wet towel and stick it into a bag and it should be good til you get to your destination
mensaque August 18, 2012
Shure,just avoid direct sun light over it.Let it call shot gun if necessary!
mensaque August 18, 2012
Forgot to tell:leave it on the fridge till it's nice and cold before you leave the house.
Juli G. August 18, 2012
I find a little instant vanilla pudding mix added before you whip acts as a stabilizer. Just a couple tsps depending on how much whip cream.
lorigoldsby August 17, 2012
I would also add that BEFORE you whip the cream, (while the pie is baking, or sooner) put your bowl and whisk/beaters in the freezer. I do this all the time...then keep it on ice during car ride.
boulangere August 10, 2012
Can you give us a weather report? How hot is it where you are? Will the the gorgeous pie be served outdoors or in? If it's hot, and if you're serving outside, surviving the car ride may be the easy part. I vote for a hybrid of susan g and Sarah R's suggestions: whip it half way, transport it in a bowl set inside another filled with icy water, finish it with a whisk just before your serve it. I'm hoping there will be a refrigerator to hold your semi-whipped cream until it's time to finish it off.
ATL August 10, 2012
All good suggestions. I have a tip for stabilizing whipped cream once it has been whipped. It lasts quite a while this way (providing you pack the container in ice,as others have suggested). Add a teaspoon of light corn syrup when whipping the cream. It doesn't sweeten it to any discernible degree, but it does hold it together.
chef O. August 10, 2012
Can't see it being a problem , when you serve dessert it often sits on the table for an hour or more with no ill effects.
HalfPint August 10, 2012
Yes, it can survive a 45 minute car ride, if you keep it chilled. I also find that a little powdered sugar added (~1-2 Tb to about 2 cups cream) keeps the whipped cream stable for a little longer.
Reiney August 10, 2012
Best option: whip it on site, as others have said

Second-best option: partially whip it (to very soft peaks) at home, transport it in a bowl on ice to keep very cold until service and then give it a quick hand-whip to bring it up right before serving.
Greenstuff August 10, 2012
Why can't you whip it there? No whisk? I have a friend who regularly brings cream on picnics. She keeps it cold in a jar, and as the meal winds down, she starts shaking the jar. It works best if there are some young people around to share in the shaking, but it works fine.

In any event, I would definitely wait to dress your pie until you get there.
susan G. August 10, 2012
You could try this: whip the cream, then set that bowl in a bowl of ice water. Pick bowls that can nest, with both covered. Then insulate them as well as you can, maybe wrapped in a towel and set in a cooler. If the cream has collapsed, you still have the option of serving it like a sauce.
Benny August 10, 2012
If possible, I would dress up the pie there. I own a whipped cream dispenser. Just pour in your cream and sugar (or whatever recipe you have for whipped cream) and It uses a CO2 cartridge to whip it up on the spot and dispenses it nicely with all the little attachment tips you want.
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