Leftover polenta

Made some awesome creamy polenta the other night and had a lot of leftovers. I forgot to put it flat in a pan or anything so it's basically a giant ball in a tupperware now. Any ideas what to do with it tonight? How can I reheat it (oven or pan with some oil)?



mickle May 15, 2014
Slice 3/4 in. Thick; sauté in butter until crisp on both sides; drizzle with good quality maple syrup
Maedl May 14, 2014
i would turn it out of the bowl, slice it if possible and depending on its consistency, place on parchment paper (greased) and roast it or if it is firm enough, fry it in butter.
boulangere May 14, 2014
I wish I could say I've never done what you did, but in the heat of the, so to speak, moment when all I want to do is clean up after dinner and get in bed with a book, I've often scraped leftover polenta into containers which are anything but conducive to slicing and frying. As a result, I usually end up scooping out a blob and microwaving it back into softness so that I can top it with a poached egg, perhaps some mushrooms sautéed in butter, and some snips of chives. I always tell myself: next time.......
ChefJune May 14, 2014
We love sliced, fried polenta toped with sauteed mushrooms and a chunky meatless tomato sauce.
amysarah May 14, 2014
If you can slice it, you can use it as a base for this - one of my favorite recipes on this site: https://food52.com/recipes/2073-griddled-polenta-cakes-with-caramelized-onions-goat-cheese-and-honey
amysarah May 14, 2014
Oops. Not sure why that appeared as a reply to ChefJune's reply...oh well. (Can you tell I have jet lag?)
HalfPint May 14, 2014
You can slice it, ~1/2 inch or so, and pan fry til golden and crispy. Now it can be a base very much like bread that you can top with a variety of toppings like herb chevre, lightly dressed arugula or mesclun greens, tomato/basil. Or serve with a little grated cheese and marinara sauce.

You can also cut into large sticks, deep fry for polenta "fries" and serve with dipping sauces.

Next time, put the creamy polenta in a rectangular/square-ish container and it will be easier to cut into even pieces.
Julie May 14, 2014
I also slice and pan fry polenta, and I like to top it with sauteed sliced sausage, onions, and bell peppers with parmesan cheese grated on top.
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