Crostata Storage

What is the best way to store a tart like this:
if there are a few slices leftover after the day it's made? Room temp, or fridge?

Two Trays Kitchen


ChefJune May 15, 2014
What leftover crostata?
Two T. May 15, 2014
I knew someone would ask. For the record I went room temp by a cool open window. Crust is on the softer side bc of egg. It held up great.
It's a tasty recipe!
ATG117 May 14, 2014
I store leftover crostata in the refrigerator.
HalfPint May 14, 2014
In cool weather, I would leave at room temp for 2 days max. Any day warmer than 75F, in the fridge it goes. It's my rule for most baked goods.
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