Straight up Rhubarb, no berries

I see recipes for Rhubarb pie or crostata or tart that almost always include strawberries or raspberries. If I only want straight rhubarb, shall I just add the same volume of the other berries? Shall I change anything else? Thank you.

  • Posted by: Sammy
  • May 1, 2023


mikewinston1304 August 12, 2023
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Lisa S. July 25, 2023
You'll definitely need more sugar. You should be able to swap out the same volume of berries for more rhubarb.
janegrant774 May 3, 2023
janegrant774 May 3, 2023
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Nancy May 1, 2023
Search for rhubarb recipes without other fruit - there are many.
For adjustments and science (if any( see Stella Parks at Serious Eats.
If memory serves, I think the berries are often included to counterbalance rhubarb tart or sour taste.
Trident May 1, 2023
I would say yes on the volume of rhubarb. You will want to add more sugar because the berries lend sweetness. I would also add a bit more thickening agent also but not much.
Sammy May 1, 2023
Thanks so much. It seems there are not as many straight rhubarb lovers as I presumed. I will follow your advice which is what I hoped for.
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