Do I start with two lbs of broccoli and just use florets, or should I be using the stalks, too?



PazzoNico May 16, 2014
As long as you peel them, they taste just as good as the rest of the vegetable. Actually, they'd be perfect for this particular recipe considering the long cooking time. They will add body to your soup.
Personally, I'd make the stalks (upper and lower stalks) the bulk of the soup, hold back the florets and roast them hard to serve as a textural garnish along with the cheese. When caramelized and slightly charred, broccoli florets have such a great, nutty flavor.

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ChefJune May 15, 2014
It's a closely guarded secret that the stems have the sweetest flavor, so I recommend using them!
Merrill S. May 15, 2014
You can use the stalks too, If you like - the soup will just be a bit thicker, but you can always add more liquid!
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