Ice cream maker longevity?

how long do those typical ice cream makers with the core that you freeze tend to last? Specifically, I was wondering if the freezer core loses efficacy over time (in particular as I store it in the freezer). I wouldn't have thought so, but I feel like it hasn't been as effective lately, though perhaps it's just the recipes I've been using. (I've been making the Jeni's recipe but have now been trying ones with the more traditional egg-yolk base thickener, though I wouldn't have thought that mattered). I'd love the answer to be that I should get one of those compressor ice cream machines but then I see the price!



Greenstuff May 23, 2014
Does anyone have any chemistry/physics to explain this issue? I've been googling around and haven't come up with anything.
Zensister May 23, 2014
I don't think the fluid loses efficacy. Something to remember is that your core, and therefore your ice cream, will only ever get as cold as your freezer. If you have a new (or old) freezer, it may not be getting as cold, or it might be time to clean the coils. I tend to turn my freezer down in the summer just for the sake of getting a good chill on my core (the downside is that food takes a little longer to thaw).
boulangere May 23, 2014
Over the years I've stored mine in walk-in freezers which register minus 20 degrees. Heat-sanitizing dishwashers do diminish the efficacy of the gel in the cylinder's lining. At home, I also don't put the cylinder in the dishwasher. And my freezer registers minus 10 degrees.
Sam1148 May 22, 2014
Get an old fashioned one that you use ice in; go a head and spring to the electric motor. Those things last forever.
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boulangere May 22, 2014
I have five of them that I've had for about 15 years. One is a Krups; the rest are Cuisinarts. I did have to get a replacement cylinder for one of them because I ran it through the dishwasher (a commercial one) a few times too many, which compromised the gel's ability to freeze to the extent that it should. Ever since, I've washed all the parts by hand, and they soldier on.
Adianne May 22, 2014
Before giving up on it make sure your freezer is set cold enough and the bowl is in the back of your freezer where it is coldest. This happened to me and I bought a new machine and when that bowl was not freezing properly either I figured out what was wrong
smslaw May 20, 2014
I have had a Krups ice cream maker for at least 10 years and it still works fine. I don't see what there is in the refrigerant to "wear out." Could your freezer not be as cold as it should be?
ChefJune May 22, 2014
Believe me, it can wear out. My freezer is beyond cold.
Jan W. May 20, 2014
I have used the Cuisinart ICE-30BC 2 qt ice cream maker for almost 6 years now. The freezer core has not lost any of its efficacy at all. The machine itself is so simple that I'm convinced it will be there another 6 years from now (unless the motor decides to break down someday, but I see no sign of that). The only regret I have with my machine is that it's pretty much impossible to make Italian gelato properly with it, but it does ice cream and sorbet perfectly. I'm not ready to shell out for a compressor model yet.
ChefJune May 20, 2014
I wonder which brand you're referring to. Since the Cuisinart 1 1/2 quart came out, I've owned one. I am on my third in the past - I think - 20 years. I use my ice cream freezer at least monthly, and in the summer, weekly and sometimes more. For ice cream, I almost always use an egg-based custard. The answer is yes. After time whatever refrigerant is inside that container will wear out. Sometimes you can get another bowl, but I've just purchased a new freezer. they're not that pricy. Cannot imagine my kitchen without one!
sarabclever May 20, 2014
Thanks. Mine is at least 7 years old, maybe older though as I was given it by someone who didn't have enough space. I have the cuisinart basic one, with no bells and whistles. How is the kitchenaid stand mixer attachment? If it works just as well, I'd replace it with that since it's going to take up slightly less space. Hadn't thought about it, but having an extra bowl is nice though if you want to make multiple flavors!
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