3 Ingredient Brownies / To Make or Not to Make

Has anyone ever made these brownies?

My diet is very limited, so I can't have any sugar or coconut sugar, honey/maple syrup etc....
I am looking for a good brownie recipe if I can swing it using bananas perhaps to sweeten? Would it be better to add in oat flour so they are , dare I say, less fudgey & more brownie-like? ...or maybe I should just try to make oatmeal, almond butter, chocolate cookies...hmm... but how?
I welcome all of the suggestions! Thank you!

  • Posted by: Emily
  • March 11, 2022


Stephanie G. March 12, 2022
This recipe is delicious and I made it with a 78% chocolate. Im wondering if you could use 100%. Maybe add more dates.
drbabs March 11, 2022
Can you have eggs? Because eggs will hold this together better. Ovenly has a recipe for peanut butter cookies https://oven.ly/blogs/recipes/salted-peanut-butter-cookies that’s really good. It does have sugar, which, in addition to adding sweetness, aids with browning and moisture. But I understand your limitations, and ripe bananas could potentially be a fine substitute. You could try this as written and just scale it back— it’s pretty easy to do. Or you could add an egg or two (what I’d probably do). There’s not much cocoa (it’s mostly banana) so I do wonder how chocolate-y it will taste. But it could still be good. You also might try modifying this recipe https://food52.com/recipes/39132-ovenly-s-secretly-vegan-salted-chocolate-chip-cookies by substituting ripe banana for the sugar and about 1/4 of the flour for cocoa powder. It will be a little runnier because of the added moisture, but again, it’s an experiment. And the great thing about vegan recipes is that you can scale them down to try them without worrying about how to divide an egg. Good luck!
Emily March 11, 2022
Thank you so much, I appreciate your input! You make a good point about there not being much cocoa in it. I imagine its not very sweet either & the texture just doesn't look brownie-like enough to me...The more I sit on it, the more I think I won't be happy with the end result...&I'd hate to waste the almond butter! Both of your recipes would be very interesting to experiment with. I can have eggs so perhaps I will have to try that out first...hmm... Now you have me thinking & reading more recipes! :) Thank you! :)
drbabs March 11, 2022
You’re welcome!
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