How do I store my infused olive oils ?

Okie oil infusions

  • Posted by: Sharon
  • May 26, 2014


Panfusine May 28, 2014
I usually buy small bottles as and when needed, and store them in a dark cabinet (never had one beyond a 6 weeks), the flavor is still good by the time it gets finished
Laurie15 May 27, 2014
Is it homemade? Homemade infused olive oil has a rather short shelf life. If it is purchased from a high quality distributor, such as Veronica Foods, it has a shelf life of 14 months from the crush date, though using it within 6 months is recommended.
Emily D. May 27, 2014
What I usually do when I have extra infused olive oil on hand, is take a clean ice cube tray and fill it up with the oil, to freeze. This way it'll last basically forever AND you will have pre-portioned little cubes of frozen oil for cooking, that will easily melt when added to a recipe :)
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