veal shoulder roast is it only for pot roast

I have been charged with preparing a 12 pound Veal Shoulder Roast for a dinner
Most asll veal recipes Ive seen for this cut are a Pot Roast of one sort or another. Is this my only coice or can this be roasted smoked or....???

  • Posted by: Greg
  • May 28, 2014


Patti I. May 30, 2014
Try this recipe for Venison Shoulder from John Besh. It is delicious and would be great with veal.
pierino May 30, 2014
One approach would be a Neapolitan style ragu. You would use aromatics, tomatoes, stock and possibly some wine. Salt pepper of course. Like a pot roast it get's a long braise. The meat and the sauce are served separately. The reduced sauce would be served separately. The meat, sliced, afterward.
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