Smoked lamb shoulder

I just bought two 3.5 lb lamb shoulders this morning. I'm interested in grilling or smoking them on our Big Green Egg. I usually braise or roast lamb shoulder (the "Genius" lamb shoulder recipe is a favorite) but have never grilled or smoked one. I'm thinking it'll behave very similarly to a pork shoulder, and that cooking it low and slow (200 to 220 F) is the way to go. Would appreciate any tips, pointers, and especially ideas for a rub or marinade. Thanks!

  • Posted by: EmilyC
  • July 18, 2014


Matt H. July 19, 2014
I have smoked lamb shoulder on my Big Green Egg with excellent results using the low and slow approach. If memory serves, I used a rub consisting of cumin, garlic powder, paprika, dried oregano, salt, black pepper, and aleppo pepper. The leftovers made for great sandwiches.
Susan W. July 18, 2014
I don't own a smoker, but I would venture to say you are right. I did a quick search and there are some great conversations out there regarding the green egg and lamb shoulder. It sounds like it will be delicious.
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