•Boneless chuck roast ideas for tonight's dinner•

I have a 3lb chuck roast, but I'm kinda burnt out on just making pot roast with this meat. Any other ideas/recipes for the cut? :)



barb August 17, 2014
1 blade roast, crock pot, 1 cup ketchup, 1 cup dill pickle juice, dash of Worcestershire cook on slow all day, strain thicken juices with corn starch, the best ever beef dip you will ever serve..yum... a total family favorite :)
Deedeelicious August 19, 2014
Cool! How much corn starch?
Matt H. August 16, 2014
How about beef carbonnade? It's a cousin to pot roast in that cubed pieces of beef are braised until tender, but the combo of caramelized onions, mustard, and Belgian ale is great in my opinion.
Deedeelicious August 19, 2014
Hmmm sounds delicious! But I think I might need the full recipe when I cook it! ;)
Sam1148 August 15, 2014
Chuck roast is the starter of ground beef. Make your own ground beef from the roast. Work in batches. Cubing and grinding in a food processor use three batches...a fine grind...and another batch of medium, and then one just roughly chopped.
Mix all that together. Use it for pan fried "hamburger steak" with peppers, mushrooms and onion gravy. (mashed potatoes, and corn on the side).
Or in a Chili (which is great with this application).
or for burgers on the grill. Beef stroganoff etc. Anything you'd use hamburger for but want a bit more texture and better quality of mix.
Deedeelicious August 19, 2014
You're right ... But it's too bad I don't have a food processor ... XD
hlbullis March 11, 2019
Do you add any beef fat?
Seems it would be too lean. I use 80/20 Chuck for burgers. I tried sirloin once but too dry and no flavor for a burger.
Peggasus August 15, 2014
I made this a few weeks ago and it was excellent! Not for tonight, perhaps, because it involves searing and then a slow cooker, but well worth it. We had it in tacos, burritos and quesadillas.


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Susan W. August 15, 2014
This will sound weird, but I have discovered chuck steaks. I was at my favorite local grocery store (New Seasons for any other Oregonians lurking) and saw them in their meat case. I was gobsmacked. The butcher encouraged me to try it. I love them! I expected tough and chewy, but they aren't. I have never bought a roast and cut it myself, but they are just cross slices of the roast.
inpatskitchen August 15, 2014

Deedeelicious August 19, 2014
OH MY GAWD this recipe looks delicious! Thanks!
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