can i sub canola oil for vegetable oil for pancakes?

  • Posted by: @jestei
  • December 19, 2010


latoscana December 19, 2010
Canola is one of the healthy oils, with a high proportion of monounsaturated fat. It also has some omega-3 - that might be the source of its "fishy" taste. While it's perfectly safe to consume, it's off-odor and flavor don't work in dishes where the oil flavor is noticeable.

Corn oil tastes great - unfortunately, because it isn't one of the healthier oils. There are oil blends that are neutral and healthier than corn oil. I use one that is a combination of soy and canola oil.
amysarah December 19, 2010
Interesting. Thanks for weighing in Soozll and RobertaJ. Maybe I just haven't been too observant (although I actually use vegetable or corn oil more often in recipes calling for a neutral, non-olive oil-friendly oil.) Will be on the alert now.
RobertaJ December 19, 2010
Amysarah & Soozll, from what I've experienced and heard/read, the cheaper the grade of canola oil, the more prominent the "off" taste is. To me, it's almost fishy, and occurs more at high heat, like for shallow-pan frying. I've stopped using it as well for my "non-olive oil" oil, because I just could never be sure of the quality of the brand I was getting, and if it was going to give me fishy undertones to my potatoes. I use corn oil now, and while some people say they can detect a taste in it, I can't.
Soozll December 19, 2010
Meant I don't care for the flavor of canola at all.
Soozll December 19, 2010
Amysarah..I agree with you, canola oil is not neutral in flavor. I think it has a distinct flavor that I can taste in foods that don't have a lot of herb or spice added I switched back to safflower oil which I don't detect has any flavor. I don't care canola at all.
KitchenLittle December 19, 2010
amysarah December 19, 2010
This raises a question I've wondered about. I also use canola, veg and corn oil fairly interchangeably - whichever is handy - in recipes where a neutral oil taste (or lack thereof) is desired.

However, I've read many comments (not necessarily here) that caution against using canola in a particular recipe, because of its strong/distinctive flavor. To me, olive, peanut and other nut oils, etc.all have distinct flavors (making them important in certain dishes/cuisines.) Do I have weird taste buds, unable to discern this elusive canola flavor or something?

Verdigris December 19, 2010
Canola is the primary veg oil in my kitchen. I appreciate it bland flavor as it adds needed richness without imposing its own character on foods. Its higher smoke point makes for better drying. Its rich in omega three fatty acids without a disproportionate number of omega six fatty acids. And the rapeseed fields around Edinburgh in April are a lovely yellow when seen from ones hired Narrowboats.
SpecialSka December 19, 2010
Canola oil is vegetable oil, so sure! Its other, less savory, name is rapeseed oil. Butter is always an option!
mrslarkin December 19, 2010
Yes, you can. And yup, I'm with Soozll, melt some buttah instead.

What is the difference between canola and vegetable oil, anyways?? I know canola is short for Canadian Oil Low Acid. But that's pretty much it.

Is the bacon cooked yet??? :)
Soozll December 19, 2010
Yes...or melted butter or, better yet, browned butter.
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