I need vegetable oil for a cake mix. I don't have any vegetable oil. What can I substitute?



LeBec F. February 9, 2015
Canola oil is much better for you than soybean/palm veg oil; both ar neutral in flavor. No need to stock veg oil; just use canola. Just FYI, olive oil also makes a fine substitute for most oil uses, and olive oil cakes have become very popular on sites like 52.
anotherfoodieblogger February 8, 2015
I hear bananas are a good substitute for oil, if you have some.
Nancy February 9, 2015
Yes, or applesauce or plum paste (Lekvar). Also can use animal fat (butter, lard, schmaltz, goose fat) warmed enough to liquify at room temp. most 1:1 for oil, but use 5:4 butter for the oil as it is not 100% fat. These subs give completely different taste, as veg oil is neutral, but you may like it better.
Shirley G. February 8, 2015
Melted butter or good name brand margarine.
Shirley G. February 8, 2015
I use Canola all the time.
Risa February 8, 2015
canola would be best, sunflower as well. If you really have no oil, butter or coconut oil might suffice without being too heavy depending on the other ingredients.
Vogue126 February 8, 2015
Thank you!! I have canola.
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