Where can I buy water kifer grains?

Live cultures

Ceci castellanos
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Ceci C. June 8, 2014
Thank you!!!
Ceci C. May 31, 2014
Thank you! Yesterday I bought them by amazon... I hope it was a good product, but in the future I'll use the places you recompense to me.
IlovePhilly June 8, 2014
I'm sure they're fine! I just had a particularly good experience so I wanted to share it!
IlovePhilly May 31, 2014
I've ordered them from various places and gotten some locally from an aquaintance. The best BY FAR come from Yemoos.com.
I've also ordered them from Gem cultures and Cultures for Health. Neither came close to the very happy, healthy, active grains I have from Yemoos. GEM and CFH have both been great for other cultures, but not WKG.
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