how long to pressure cook soaked wheat?

Looking at Hippressurecooking website, they suggest cooking dry wheat berries for 30 minutes on high.

I've put my wheat grains to soak over night, which is going to change the cooking time... what's my new cooking time to pressure cook my wheat grain?

Is soaking my grains going to change the amount of water I should add to the cooker? From dry, it looks like I do 1:3, grain to water ratio, but would I do the same for soaked grain?



Lindsay-Jean H. July 8, 2015
I'm sorry you didn't get an answer to this in time. At first I thought this chart ( would help, but then I realized that while it has soaked grains on it, it only includes stovetop times for them, not the pressure cooker times.

How long did you end up cooking the soaked wheat berries for?
trampledbygeese July 8, 2015
I ended up cooking for 20 min at high pressure. They were quite well done and the grains were burst open. Next time I will try for 15 min, but instinct suggests that 12 might be the magic number for pre-soaked wheat berries.

Another thing I noticed is that the ratio of water to grain (usually 1 cup grain to 3 parts water when pressure cooking from dry) could be different when cooking from soaked. I think next time I'll try 1:2 or 1:2.5 to see how it goes. I want enough water that things don't burn on the bottom, but with 1:3 everything was soggy and tasted watery.
Lindsay-Jean H. July 9, 2015
I was going to guess 20 minutes! (And would have guessed incorrectly, obviously.) Maybe you'll have to create a chart of your own to help others after figuring all of this out.
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