What should I cool tonight for a side, we are grilling steak and shrimp?

  • Posted by: Leslie
  • May 31, 2014


Sam1148 May 31, 2014
Veggie skewers of zuchinnie, onions, cherry tomato, and yellow squash.
Rice; baked potato, corn on the cob with lime and seasoning salt;

A mixed salad or grilled radicchio. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Grilled-Radicchio-Salad-with-Sherry-Mustard-Dressing-239085
Leslie May 31, 2014
Thanks for the response! I did make zucchini :) and yellow squash and mashed potatoes
ChefJune May 31, 2014
I always like a green vegetable with any meal, and right now there are so many in season. You could grill some asparagus. Sautéed broccoli rabe with spring onions and green garlic would also be delicious. And while you're grilling the steak, you could stick some baking potatoes into the coals to cook.
Leslie May 31, 2014
Thanks for the ideas! I went ahead and made zucchini and yellow squash and homemade mashed potatoes with sour cream and chives. Yummy!! :)
Leslie May 31, 2014
I meant cook*
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