Boston And Montreal for foodies

Visiting Boston in July, what not to miss as a foodie?
Markets, shops, resturants,...

Jenny Maria


Jenn60 June 6, 2014
Of course Montreal bagels are The. Best.
Jenn60 June 6, 2014
You can't go to Montreal without going to Swartz's on Main for the quintessential Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich!!
bakingD June 5, 2014
For Boston, I can't believe no one mentioned Flour Bakery (South End, Cambridge, and South Boston)! Also great for lunch/cheaper eats: Clover and b.good; both have multiple locations. There's a Formaggio Kitchen in the South End, more centrally located than the Cambridge one. I think Hammersleys is over rated. For higher end fare, I'd choose Number 9 Park or Craigie-on-Main. I also second the rec for B&G Oysters; lots of great places in that neighborhood (Butcher Shop, Addis, Metropolis)...happy eating!
ChefJune June 5, 2014
Montréal! The most wonderful Italian restaurant with a French name: Le Muscadin!!!
Owner Charlie Iacono is so welcoming. And their wine cellar!!! All Italian EXCEPT for French Champagne and Portuguese Port. Unreal!
calendargirl June 4, 2014
Lived in Boston for many years, and still make it a point to visit Sofra for Turkish breakfast and excellent coffee whenever I am there. Formaggio Kitchen is a fun store for cheese and provisions of all sorts. Both are in Cambridge. Belmont and Watertown, just down the road from Sofra, have several Armenian markets that are worth a trip. Favorites include Eastern Lamejun Bakers, Massis Bakery and Arax Market. And there is Fastachi, a roaster and purveyor of nuts, located in both Watertown and downtown Boston on Charles Street. Lucky you!
spiffypaws June 4, 2014
I went to college in Boston, great foodie city. I think that Fanueil Hall is overrated food-wise, but take a trip to the North End; great italian restaurants and bakeries, plus it's very historic. If you like museums, you must go to the Isabella Stewart Gardiner museum, it's fabulous
Bevi June 3, 2014
If Montreal is still on your radar, go to the Atwater Market, which is open Thursdays through Sundays, to get some great market food, sold at the river end of the market. Thai, French crepes, BBQ, etc.
dinner A. June 3, 2014
All of Ana Sortun and Maura Kilpatrick's restaurants (Oleana, Sarma, and Sofra) are really quite special. They are all more or less based in Turkish cuisine but are distinct from each other. Oleana and Sarma take reservations and often book up a few weeks in advance, but both have significant non-reserved seating (including a really nice patio in good weather at Oleana) if you don't mind waiting. Go to Sofra on a weekday morning if you can -- it is hard to get a seat on weekends. It's also a really nice walk down Mt Auburn St from Harvard Square if the weather is good.
Drink (in Fort Point) and Journeyman (in Union Square) have great cocktails.
Area Four, especially the newish second location in Somerville, has really good fancy pizza and a good beer selection.
Leslie June 3, 2014
If you can, get to Sofra (in Cambridge) for breakfast and Strip T's (in Watertown) for dinner. They're worth the (short) bus rides from Harvard Square.
Leslie June 3, 2014
If you can, get to Sofra (in Cambridge) for breakfast and Strip T's (in Watertown) for dinner. They're worth the (short) bus rides from Harvard Square.
ChefJune June 3, 2014
Omigosh! depends upon what kind of food, and at what price point you are looking for. Boston has an embarrassment of riches for such a small city. I will always recommend Rialto in Cambridge. Jody Adams cooks the best Italian in a seasonal manner.
MichelleS June 2, 2014
There are so many wonderful restaurants in Boston! If you're looking foodie approved options check out Hamersley's (bistro that's been around forever), Bee Hive (funky and fun), B & G for oysters, Erbaluce (Italian), Toro (Spanish) and Formaggio (specialty cheese/food market). Enjoy!
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