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What are the must-visit gourmet markets in New York City?

  • Posted by: JRF
  • May 2, 2012


amysarah May 2, 2012
Russ and Daughters is Mecca for smoked fish (yes, appetizing!) Slicing it properly is an almost lost art, still practiced there. But re: Italian, I'd head to Arthur Ave. in the Bronx. It's what Little Italy was before it became extinct - same vendors have been there forever, it's the real deal, not touristy. (Sorry, not a big Eataly fan.) Also not a gourmet store per se, but in warm weather, I'd head to the greenmarket in Union Square and the Smorgasbord at the Brooklyn Flea (Williamsburg) on Saturdays - vast assortment of delicious things. Oh, and so many others...
healthierkitchen May 2, 2012
Definitely agree that Eataly is a great place to browse and find some imports that are hard to find elsewhere. And Pierino is spot on re: Russ and Daughters. Best smoked fish!
healthierkitchen May 2, 2012
Or what we NYers call "appetizing".
creamtea May 2, 2012
Yes, Dean&DeLuca. Fairway before 10AM! :)
pierino May 2, 2012
I guess I forgot Dean&DeLuca at Prince and Spring. Train stops outside the door.
ReneePussman May 2, 2012
Chelsea Market?
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 2, 2012
pierino May 2, 2012
Eataly of course. But this place is more like a department store or museum than a market. At least four aisles of pasta alone. And instead of clerks they could perhaps employ docents. There is probably a department for ladies' hats but I have'nt discovered it yet.

After that I'd head downtown to Russ & Daughters on E. Houston. Small, crowded and very lower East Side.

Uptown I do like Fairway and Zabars but it's almost torture to be in those places for more than a few minutes.
Amanda L. May 2, 2012
Fairway and Kalustyan's
creamtea May 2, 2012
Fairway, Zabar's, Whole Foods Columbus Circle.
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