I just posted a question about where saved recipes go and now I know. :) I click on my user name and there they are! Duh. So, I am going to ask a appropriate foodpickle question now. To temper chocolate, is melting 3/4 of the (dark) chocolate bar in a double boiler, then take off heat and stir in reminder the best method? Or does someone have a better or easier way? I want to make my Chocolate Pomegranite Walnut turtles, and did not temper last time. I'm going for a glossier look. Thank-you!

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1 Comment

drbabs December 19, 2010
IYou can melt all of it on top of a double boiler as long as you are careful not to get any water into the chocolate. I found a resource that explains the science behind tempering chocolate much better than I can:
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