lemon juice

I just discovered my lemons are a mold covered mess in my fruit bowl and need lemon juice for a recipe. Any suggestions on a good sub? I do have limes on hand although I feel like that would not be a comparable substitute (I'm making an eggplant and yogurt dip). Thanks!

Kristin Greene


Author Comment
Sumac is a great suggestion! If not available I would go with the red wine vinegar for sure.
Marti K. June 10, 2014
Having just been to my pantry and tasted my vinegars, I think white wine, or apple cider, vinegar would be fine.
Kristen W. June 10, 2014
Perhaps adding a little sumac, if you have it, would give a hint of the lemony flavor you were looking for.
Susan W. June 9, 2014
I think the limes would work great. Maybe try a combo of less lime than the lemon and white wine or rice wine vinegar.
Declan June 9, 2014
Go with the lines, but use a little less
Meaghan F. June 9, 2014
Rice wine vinegar, maybe? Whatever you try, though, I'd suggest making the dip and trying your substitutes with small portions of it at the end to avoid ruining the whole batch if it doesn't work out.
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