What is a good gluten free substitute for oats?

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nancy E. June 17, 2014
Dinner at ten has it right./ It is possible to purchase gluten free oats. Just ask

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dinner A. June 16, 2014
Oats themselves start out gluten free, but are often processed on equipment shared with other grains including glutinous ones. There are manufacturers (Bob's Red Mill is one common one) that make gluten-free oats by processing them on dedicated equipment, so they don't get contaminated with gluten. These oats aren't terribly hard to find, but are more expensive. If you don't have a true gluten allergy such as celiac disease, the trace amounts may not cause a problem for you. A gluten-sensitive friend of mine eats regular oats with no problem.
Tanya June 15, 2014
quinoa flakes!
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