Huckleberry Cookbook--correction to gluten free flour mix recipe?

I was going to try the Huckleberry Cookbook gluten-free flour mix. But something is wrong with the recipe. I think in particular the oat flour weight it wrong--it says 430 g for 13/4 a cup which makes no sense. Also if you look at the total yield of the recipe, you should get around 800 g but if you total up the weight of each ingredient there's no way this works. I tried to "back into" the correct weight for the oat flour but that didn't seem quite right either. I am not gluten-free but was curious to give this a try, so I wanted to make sure I got this right.

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1 Comment

luvcookbooks February 5, 2015
My daughter has a copy so I looked briefly at the recipe. The total amount is < the sum of its parts, which can't be... Otherwise looks ok, I think.
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