Caramel corn

Has anyone made the Miette caramel corn? I made it yesterday as an experiment to use up popping corn and light corn syrup I had in my pantry. It was delicious (although the caramel took a long time to reach 280 on a candy thermometer - which meant a lot of whisking!). The only problem was it was very oily on the bottom. Any ideas why? Thanks!

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1 Comment

Liza's K. June 17, 2014
I have not made the Miette recipe, but I've made other caramel corns and candies like it before. Sometimes, for whatever reason (I'm not sure) the butter separates from the sugar causing that oily mess. I've been able to lessen the altering the recipe to add more sugar to butter in the ratio, and making sure that when the liquid is in the pot it is stirred really well. Sometimes, when you whisk, you don't get to the bottom of the pot and butter ends up creating a little film at the bottom - which turns to an oily greasy mess when you coat your popcorn (or other goodies). It's kind of like when you make toffee and have to wipe it down before putting on the chocolate. There is a greasy film of butter on it. Does that make sense?
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