injecting chicken

I'm baking a whole chicken. I am thinking that I want to inject it with some pickled peppers that I picked up. Is this possible to do or will I have to cut slits in the bird to do this?

  • Posted by: Sean
  • June 17, 2014


PazzoNico June 20, 2014
You could use the brine the peppers are in and then just add the peppers into the roasting pan (with onion, tomatoes, etc.) to use later as a pan-sauce.
Stephanie June 19, 2014
You might also try making a brine with the peppers and soaking the chicken in it for as many hours as possible - not more than a day though.. I usually brine my birds with a salt & sugar plus lots of herbs (sometimes just herbs de Provence though) and if it's a longish brine, the meat always picks up the flavor. I find it amazing every time!
mickle June 19, 2014
Yes, somewhat, but not as thoroughly as injection; it is usually liquid flavoring agents that are injected. If it were me, I would make the purée (paste) and just spread it in various places under the skin especially the breasts and leg joint/thigh area
creamtea June 18, 2014
Why not puress them, loosen the skin, and rub the puree under the skin? I do this with herb pastes.
creamtea June 18, 2014
"puree" that is.
Sean June 19, 2014
When you do this paste method, does this infuse into the chicken?
mickle June 18, 2014
A third method (the least desired in my opinion) would be to use a paring knife and make small slits through the skin & into the flesh of the chicken & insert pieces of the peppers
mickle June 18, 2014
Yes, the method of pureeing the peppers with one of the liquids I mentioned in the earlier post would require an injector if you want the peppers' flavoring to be injected into the meat as opposed to just under the skin. Injectors are usually quite moderately priced
mickle June 17, 2014
You could chop them and cut skin slightly in a few spots & insert them. The only way to inject them into the meat would be to purée them in cuisinart or blender with a little liquid (their juice, white wine, broth, barbecue marinade, etc. )
Sean June 17, 2014
What about the injectors that you use to inject like herbs into roast beef?
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