Frozen Raw Chicken Safe with Prepared Foods?

I am making chicken burritos. I plan to freeze them before baking them for an hour. Do I cook the chicken before putting burritos together or will the hour in the oven cook the chicken?



Gammy December 13, 2019
As long as you proceed in a good time frame making and freezing the burritos with the raw chicken and cooked vege mixture, you will be fine. They will be baked for an hour which should kill any pathogens. Will they be covered with any sort of sauce when baked? My concern is the flour tortillas would dry out during the hour in the oven.
SpecialK774 December 12, 2019
EColi or salmonello?
Gammy December 12, 2019
I think you will be fine with baking them for an hour, BUT, if you cooked the chicken Cheese and vege mixture and made up the burritos, THEN freeze, you can heat in a microwave. I make up about 2 dozen beef, bean and cheese burritos to the point of baking, Freeze them and individually wrap in plastic wrap, then when needed, pop in the microwave or a dry fry pan to thaw and heat up.
SpecialK774 December 12, 2019
Right now, the raw chicken is mixed with chili and shredded cheese, onions and peppers.
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