I would so appreciate a quick reply How to Keep Fruit Cake from Sinking During Baking



nutcakes December 20, 2010
Dusting the fruit with flour is a good trick that works well.
betteirene December 20, 2010
Next time, drain the fruit well and dust it with flour before adding to the very thick batter. The flour is supposed to keep the fruit from sinking.

Three months! I only soak my fruits overnight. Next year I'll try your way. It sounds intoxicating.

For now, invert the cake on a plate so no one sees the depression. Or you can fill it with marzipan.

Good luck!

pauljoseph December 20, 2010
thank you betteirene usually we bake at low heat for 3 hours but still fruit sinking (Fruits we used are soaked in brandy for three months)
betteirene December 20, 2010
Bake on very low heat (275F to 300F) for a very long time (2 hours for four cups of batter). This is for a fruitcake using dried fruits and a very thick batter that calls for baking powder for leavening.
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