what can I make with left over garlic bread

April Jimenez


kimhw July 2, 2014
BavarianCook July 1, 2014
I like a savory French toast with some gruyere and ham.
Canais Y. July 1, 2014
You can crush the bread into crumbs and have Italian-style bread crumbs for frying or baking.
amysarah July 1, 2014
I'm with Pegeen - reheat (maybe grate a little cheese on top first) and enjoy. This is the kind of thing that's very forgiving! Or, tear it up and use it to thicken an Italian-ish vegetable soup. Garlic, bread, hard to go wrong.
Pegeen July 1, 2014
Aside from all the great suggestions already mentioned here...
Reheat bread gently, wrapped in foil in the oven, 225 F for about 10 minutes. Then dunk in soup while watching your favorite series on TV. :-)
PazzoNico July 1, 2014
Maybe let them "stale" and make canederli (Italian bread dumplings/gnocchi)? Or pappa al pomodoro (tomato and bread soup)..?

Or just make grilled cheese or panini.
Taylor S. July 1, 2014
Dry it out, then grate it for fresh breadcrumbs!
HalfPint July 1, 2014
savory bread pudding,http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/05/savory-bread-pudding_n_4214598.html
Dona July 1, 2014
Panzenella salad.
Liza's K. July 1, 2014
You could make croutons - or freeze it for later.
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