Take-and-bake bread

I accidentally bought a take and bake loaf of Italian bread to make oven baked garlic bread. Do I bake it off first and then proceed with the recipe? Thanks!!

  • Posted by: Leigh
  • March 3, 2018


Nancy March 4, 2018
Various grocery chains (Kroger et al) have online instructions for their take and bake bread.
May be helpful to you.
AntoniaJames March 3, 2018
If the recipe calls for a loaf of Italian bread, already baked (which I assume it does), then yes, bake it and then proceed. Remember though that the second step of baking won't take as long, because the bread will be warm -- if you don't cool it thoroughly, first. The bread will cut better if you cool it a bit. ;o)
Leigh March 3, 2018
Anyone????? Anyone????? Bueller? Bueller? LOL
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