I have an ice cream recipe from Madeleine Kamman with a basic cooked custard base. The recipe gives a shelf life of only 5 days. Why when frozen?

If kept frozen shouldn't it be fine for much longer?

Urbain Dubois


Urbain D. July 3, 2014
Thanks Chef June and HalfPint...I have not met or worked with Mme Kamman but I sometimes laugh at just the tone of her writing in her cook books but that said I so respect her knowledge and her expertise of technique. And she also knows her food history so what more can I say. Thanks again!
ChefJune July 3, 2014
It should be fine for much longer. But unless you just end up having it left over, I wouldn't polan to make it too far in advance. Home made ice cream has a shorter "optimum time" than commercially made because it lacks stabilizers, and it might take on ice crystals. That said, Mme Kamman is the fussiest cooking teacher/chef I've ever encountered, so I would take her 5 days with a grain of salt. ;)
HalfPint July 3, 2014
Probably the flavor and maybe texture are best up to 5 days. The ice cream should be fine beyond that but probably not as good as it would have been if you had consumed it quickly. I find that's the case with homemade ice cream.
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