Baking potatoes for potato salad

How to prepare them



Pegeen July 5, 2014
There's an excellent tip in this recipe, to toss the drained but still warm potatoes with vinegar. It soaks in beautifully.

amysarah July 5, 2014
Along the same lines: toss the still warm potatoes with a little pickling liquid from a pickle jar - dill pickles, whatever. Cool, then dress and add other ingredients. Same concept of the potatoes absorbing the flavor and seasoning.
PazzoNico July 5, 2014
A little vinegar in the boiling water will prevent them from overcooking and falling apart.
Sam1148 July 4, 2014
I peel, cube and boil them. Then drain and let them dry out just a few minutes. This leaves a nice surface on the potato that gives the dressing something to hang on too---think of it like pasta. I dress them while they're still warm as it seems to help the dressing incorporate better in the potato. Then immediately serve or into the fridge to chill to serve cold.
amysarah July 4, 2014
Just to add - sounds like you want to do the potatoes in the oven? Roast potato salad can also be really good. Here's on version that was recently posted here:
Monita July 4, 2014
I like using Yukon Gold potatoes for potato salad. Try to get them about the same size. Place in a medium pot and cover with salted water. Bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer. Cook for about 15 min until they can just be pierced with the tine of a fork. You don;t want them to be too mushy. Drain; let cool until you can handle them and peel. Mix with your favorite potato salad ingredients.
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