A.Hesser gave a rec. for peach ice cream last Wed. which called for 3Ibs of peaches. I used 2Ibs and still have more than half the puree left. Error?

Is there something I missed in making this recipe? By weight there is no mistaking by size or number of peaches. Otherwise all was excellent.

Urbain Dubois


Urbain D. July 4, 2014
Hi Amanda- Regretfully I have made a terrible mistake. It is not your recipe. It was published in the New York Times by Melissa Clark. So sorry for the confusion. Here is the link:http://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/02/dining/the-only-ice-cream-recipe-youll-ever-need.html?ref=dining&_r=0
Is there a way to edit the original question or just pull it off the site? Did not want this to be bad spirited on any account just curious. Also just had the ice cream and it was really great and plan on freezing the remainder of the peach puree. Its all good.
Amanda H. July 5, 2014
No worries at all. I saw that recipe -- looks great, haven't had a chance to try it yet. Good to know you liked it!
Amanda H. July 4, 2014
Hi -- I'd love to help but I'm not sure which recipe you're referring to. Can you add a link here? Thanks!
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