Can Rose oil be used in cooking?

I bought pure rose oil in Bulgaria to use in baking and now I see a warning that it's not to be used internally. I want to make rose leaf cookies. The shopkeeper in Bulgaria said use 1 drop. What is the worst that can happen.

Judith Mediatore


Diana December 29, 2022
Buy food-grade rose oil.
Steff April 10, 2018
I recently made some Turkish Delight and added some rose oil.. just 2 drops.. it gave a lovely fragrance and nobody had any side-effects. So I would say that you could safely use it occasionally, but very sparingly! ;)
Angel August 24, 2015
:) :) Guys, you sounds really funny about the rose oil. I do not know what exactly you've bought, but if it's organic, that mean you will never have any problems. I've drunk a lot of the Bulgarian Rose water, becouse it is good for million things in my body. I use it a lot for cooking and cocktails making, so do not worry to use it in whatever you feel. You can read here about the health and Pharmacological Effects of the famous Bulgarian Rosa Damascena:
boulangere July 8, 2014
Oils, or any substance for that matter, which is not food safe must be labeled Non GRAS - not generally regarded as safe. In this country, at least. You were right to question the rose oil. At least you likely aren't out a significant investment.

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HalfPint July 8, 2014
Don't use it for the cookies or any food prep. This oil was not intended for internal consumption and has been labeled as such. You don't know how the oil was purified and what was used in its processing method (eg. other chemicals, machinery, possible metals, etc). You can get very sick, or worse, with minuscule amounts of the right substances.

I have a degree in chemistry and was in pharmaceutical R&D for 8 years. In my freshman year of chemistry, the professor told the story of the student who died from drinking distilled water that was in the lab. The water itself was clean. It was the container that he drank from that was the problem. The container, a glass beaker, had some residual preservative on it's surface which was enough to poison the student. Even that residual thin coating on the glass was too high of concentration. So 1 drop may not seem like much, but it can potentially be more than enough to do harm.

I don't want to be such an alarmist, but better safe than sorry. If you want to use rose oil for these cookies, find one that is labeled 'food grade' or 'safe for internal use'. Use this oil that you have for perfume or potpourri.

Judith M. July 8, 2014
I was afraid of that. When I purchased it in Bulgaria last week the clerk said it was for cooking, but when I opened the package at home all the directions were for potpourri or skin creams. I guess I was taken. Oh well, I'll have a pretty smelling house for the next ten years! Thank you.
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