I have to cook about 20 pieces of battered fish and 20 orders of french fries - one fryer broken - can we cook these together in the same fryer?

Joy Farr


Sam1148 July 11, 2014
Find a friend with a fryer.
If this is an outside event..I need to stress the importance of keeping the power cords firmly taped down. You'll have people walking and possibly tripping over the cords attached to hot oil. Use floor mats from the car and duct tape them down if you need to over the traffic area.

Get another fryer..or ask a guest if they have one.
Cookingly Y. July 11, 2014
Fries will taste like fish and I'm sure you don't want that. Better fry them in separate pans, with 20 fried items of each kind, batter crumbs will swim around, oil will be overheated and it will ruin the fish.

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mrslarkin July 11, 2014
If you have a stove top to heat up a separate pot of oil, I would cook one of them separately. If not, I would cook the fries first, then the fish. Fries can keep warm in a low oven.
irina July 11, 2014
I agree. I'm allergic to fish and would not be able to eat the fries if they were cooked together. Fries first, then fish.
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