Cooking oil, used my deep fryer for fried fish can I use the same oil to fry chicken? Don't want the chicken tastin like fish.

Craig Stevens Smith


Declan August 12, 2013
Use different oil ... Who says you're being extravagant? Keep the "strained" fish oil for the next fish day. Nothing wrong with it, but it's got a fish taste.
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 11, 2013
Nothing worse than your chicken tasting like fish. Agree with Pierno about saving that fish oil for another fish fry.
pierino August 11, 2013
You can still save the oil and reuse. Funnel it into a gallon sized container, such as one you bought filled with spring water. Refrigerate and hold for your next fish fry. Start with fresh oil for your chicken.
Once I was having lunch in a chain restaurant in Tempe,one where the fryolater get's a real work out. There were some rancid fish bits attached to my french fries. It was rather unpleasant.
stagneskitchen August 11, 2013
Use your senses. When doing donuts or something... 4 fries usually. Chicken can really decrease the oil quality more quicker because of the breaking and chicken flavor. Fish is the worst. I'd probably only reuse that oil to fry fish again unless there is no smell.

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ChefJune August 11, 2013
I do reuse oil for frying, but I wouldn't fry chicken in oil I'd fried fish in. Even if it didn't smell very fishy, I would think I could smell it.
darksideofthespoon August 11, 2013
Unless it's old or has been used for trying A LOT of fish, I wouldn't worry. Personally though, I try to change the oil every time I fry something.
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