I have 3 pints of gooseberries from my CSA this weekend (the green kind). I was planning on making jam, but does anyone have any other favorite recipes for cooking with or preserving gooseberries?

  • Posted by: Julie
  • July 14, 2014


SeaJambon July 15, 2014
Gooseberry pie and/or gooseberry jelly are also good options. :) Enjoy - there is nothing quite like that gooseberry tartness.
Liza's K. July 14, 2014
I was thinking of trying Union Square on Friday, but if they don't have I'll check Fort Greene. Thanks for the tip!
Liza's K. July 14, 2014
I'm so incredibly jealous! I haven't been able to find gooseberries anywhere. I've been wanting to make ice cream - and this tart -
Julie July 14, 2014
That ice cream looks delicious! I've seen gooseberries at the Saturday farmers market in Fort Greene, if you're searching : )
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