gravy burst

I am cooking a turkey breast and gravy packet tore and is all over turkey and pan should I wash turkey off and discard I am afraid gravy will burn and give turkey bad flavor any advice

Julia Seymour


Julia S. July 16, 2014
It turned out delicious.The skin was yummy and gravy had seeped through to meat since I basted with melted butter and gravy. So the meat was extra flavorful. It was really moist but I bought new gravy because drippings did not look appetising as gravy. Turned out to be great mistake
Susan W. July 16, 2014
That is so awesome Julia.
Susan W. July 16, 2014
I'm curious too Julia. Sometimes those kitchen goofs can have surprisingly good outcomes.
nancy E. July 16, 2014
Julia, I am very curious. How did it turn out?
Susan W. July 15, 2014
I agree with Nancy. You may be onto something. Think of it as a rub. You may want to add some liquid to the pan if the powder is just sitting on the bottom.
Julia S. July 16, 2014
There is no powder its the liquid gravy so it that ok
nancy E. July 15, 2014
If your breast is roasting in the oven, I would baste it with butter or oil generously. It should insure the dry gravy powder won't burn. I bet it will even taste delicious when done. who knows, you may have discovered a new technique for roasting turkey
Julia S. July 15, 2014
The gravy is liquid not powder does that make difference thanks
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