A question about a recipe: Pistachio Cardamom Nutella

I have a question about the recipe "Pistachio Cardamom Nutella" from Madhuri Sharma. Mine turned out kind of dry and is a little difficult to spread, is there any way to improve this and any ideas on what I did wrong?

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Pistachio Cardamom Nutella
Recipe question for: Pistachio Cardamom Nutella


Madhuri S. July 23, 2014
@Asma Arayan
Thank you for your question on this. Yes the quality of chocolate and the method of melting it as @HalfPint suggested might be the culprit here. It seems like your chocolate seized, which means it clumped up into more of a paste like consistency. One reason could be because you over-heated it, another could be if there was any trace of water in your bowl. White chocolate has a lower melting point than milk or dark since its mostly cocoa butter (aka fat), so you really have to be careful melting it.
HalfPint July 16, 2014
Did you use a good quality white chocolate? I would pick a brand that actually has cocoa butter in the ingredients (the more the better). The fake stuff (like Nestle's White Morsels) doesn't have even a pinch of cocoa butter.
pangaea99 July 16, 2014
http://www.amazon.com/Bakers-White-Chocolate-Baking-Bar/dp/B00EG0N8HC/ref=sr_1_15?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1405546187&sr=1-15 I used the Baker's white chocolate baking bar- 3 of the 4 oz ones. It has cocoa butter as the second ingredient after sugar. I noticed that when I was melting it, it thickened up quite a bit and was dry. I didn't use the double boiler method though, i used a microwave, could that be why?
HalfPint July 16, 2014
@Asma Arayan, you might have overheated and the chocolate seized. Try it with the double boiler method next time. Here's a good guide to heating chocolates of any kind, http://candy.about.com/od/workingwithchocolate/a/chocmistakes.htm
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